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"We caught a theft ring that was stealing between $8,000-$10,000 thousand a year not even considering food costs. Solink makes it easy to obtain video evidence, even when I'm not at my desktop or in my stores. This has never been possible with any of our past systems."

Johnny Mizzoni, Restaurant Franchisee

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Solink is a complete video recording and loss prevention solution for multi-unit restaurants. Managing your video and reducing cash shortages has never been this easy.

Restaurant Security Made Simple

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We've helped hundreds of small to large businesses reduce losses from fraud

Access all your video and transactions remotely

Check up on all your stores and perform investigations from anywhere. Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

Spend just minutes when you need to find video evidence

No more time and location search to find a specific event in your video. With Solink you can use smart filters and keywords to search through thousands of video events in seconds. 

Solinks audits transactions and events while you sleep

Solink analyzes every transaction, looking for outliers compared to all your stores or peer group. As the system collects more data, it gets smarter and can identify issues earlier.

Proven to help owners reduce cash shortages

We've helped owners just like you to reduce theft in their restaurants by taking the manual process out of investigations and using data to uncover problems.

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Chris McCluskey, Restaurant Franchisee

Customer Testimonial

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"It's the easiest way to review transactions and video from my stores. Having constant access to my data provides me with a new peace of mind."

Terri Huang, Restaurant Franchisee

"Before Solink, the DVR was a tool we used when something happened. It was a manual process, it took a lot of time. It could be hours in front of the DVR trying to find something very specific. We were just used to dealing with video in a certain way and it was cumbersome and time consuming but it was just what we did.

What the Solink solution did was make it a proactive approach to really get value from our video and data. It's really taken the manual process out of it and allowed real time collaboration with my managers.

I definitely get peace of mind from Solink. I love the ability to log in at any time and in two seconds get a snapshot of 11 restaurants in our system."

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