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Solink makes it incredibly easy to find and review events in your video. Apply multiple filters to narrow down your results and search accross one or hundreds of locations.

Spend less time worrying about theft in your restaurants.

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With Solink's Cloud-Based Video Recording and Loss Prevention Solution, restaurant owners:

Save Time

Reduce Losses

Cut Costs

Investigations are 6x faster

Proactive theft detection tools

No expensive DVRs

"It's the easiest way to review transactions and video from my stores. Having constant access to my data provides me with a new peace of mind."

Terri Huang, Tim Hortons Franchisee

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No more manual video scrubbing. Use smart filters to save hours of work.

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A security solution as mobile as you are.

Check up on your stores from anywhere. Video and transactions from all your stores are centralized in the web and mobile app.

When you send us feature requests that will make your job easier, we hear you.


Share video evidence by email

Send evidence to a manager or police officer without burning to CDs.

Proactive notifications

Solink audits 100% of transactions and can notify you of potential problems.

Continuous System Monitoring

Solink is always online and continuously monitoring your system and cameras.

Multi-camera live view

Set up your live monitor with multiple camera views.

Automated Reports

Set automated reports around specific events you want to keep an eye one.

Add notes to events

When you see something suspicious in the video, add your notes for later review.

Real people, ready to chat, whenever you need us.

Our Customer Success team is second to none in the security industry. At least that's what our customers say. Talk to a real person right away when you have a question or need help.

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